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NC Code Simulation – Machine Simulation for Autodesk CAM / Inventor / Fusion 360

“Detect collisions before they happen!”

Full integration with AutodeskCAM/Inventor/Fusion 360

Complete, accurate collision control

Exact simulation of all movements

Reduce machine downtime to a minimum

Avoid machine damage, downtimes, failures and make your production and programming even more efficient with HSMSimul.

1-Click Solution

HSMSimul Professional is launched directly from Inventor CAM / HSMWorks and Fusion360 CAM.


With “one mouse click” all necessary data is transferred to the nc code based machine simulation HSMSimul Professional.


Tools and holder

Finished part



Machine offset

Nc program

HSMSimul Professional precisely simulates your cnc machines and the whole process of machining.


By verifying your nc code through HSMSimul Professional, you have an nc code based virtual machine simulation.


Detect errors that lead to machine downtime, damage to the workpiece or even expensive collisions on the CNC machines BEFORE! the real machining.

W H Y   H S M S I M U L ?

Collisions, damage to components or exceeding of axis limits that occur in the nc code based machine simulation are listed in the report so that they can be precisely verified and checked.


This also makes the correct positioning of the corresponding component or clamping device much easier and, of course, safer.


HSMSimul Professional supports all common machine controls such as Heidenhain, Siemens, Fanuc, Haas, Hurco and many more.

Significantly reduce run-in times

Simulate a wide range of machines & controls with a 1-click solution on nc basis

Significantly increase productivity & efficiency

Simulate & verify complex machines very easily

Absolute collision check

Exactly 1:1 emulated controls

Very fast simulation run

Real time material removal

Very easy to use

All necessary functions included in the standard

Real-time collision control

Test HSMSimul powered by NC2Chek completely free of charge and convince yourself of the advantages of our g code simulation!
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