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NC2CHECK version 2021is now available for download.

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04. – 09.10.2021

Milan – Italy

D I G I T A L    T W I N

Full integration with all common CAM systems

Complete, accurate collision control

Exact simulation of all movements

Reduce machine downtime to a minimum


Avoid machine damage, downtimes, failures and make your production and programming even more efficient & error-free with NC2Check.

The g code simulation NC2CHECK from CAMWERK offers you a complete mapping of the entire machine tool and simulates nc programs based on the real g code after the postprocessor run.

Complete machine simulation with all machine details. Detects collisions, travel limits, damage to the workpiece and the CNC machine before the actual machining.

Supports all common controls such as Siemens, Heidenhain, Mazak, Fanuc, Hurco and many more.

Less machine downtime

Reduced set-up time

No corrections on the machine

Shorter run-in times

Collision control

Feasibility study

Virtual retraction

Digital twin

Collisions, component violations or exceeded axis limits occurring in the nc code based machine simulation are listed in the report so that they can be precisely verified and checked.

This also makes the correct positioning of the corresponding component or the clamping device much easier and, of course, safer.

NC2Check supports all common machine controls such as Heidenhain, Siemens, Fanuc, Haas, Hurco and many more.

Significantly reduce run-in times!

Simulate a wide range of machines & controls with a 1-click solution on nc basis!

Boost productivity & efficiency significantly!

Simulate & verify complex machines very easily!

Absolute collision check!

Exactly 1:1 emulated controls!

Very fast simulation run

Real time material removal

Very easy to use

All necessary functions included in the standard

Real time collision control

W H Y    N C 2 C H E C K ?

Advantages of NC2Check are very easy explained:


NC2Check runs on the ModuleWorks surface and can therefore be integrated into CAM systems very easily and smooth. Our parser interprets a code and the underlying logic and, in our case, feeds it to a virtual controller/machine to create a virtual process in NC2Check.


The famous digital twin!

Compatible with any CAM system and very easy to integrate!

G O A L S    O F    U S I N G    N C 2 C H E C K ?

1-Click Solution

NC2Check is started directly from your CAM system.


With “one mouse click” all necessary data is transferred to the nc code based machine simulation NC2Check.

Tools and holder


Finished part

Stock part


Machine offset

Nc program

NC2Check precisely simulates your cnc machines and the whole process of machining.


By verifying your nc code through NC2Check, you have an nc code based virtual machine simulation.


Detect errors that lead to machine downtime, damage to the workpiece or even expensive collisions on the CNC machines BEFORE! the real machining.

Smooth integration to every CAD/CAM system

Same user interface with CAD/CAM systems

Very easy to use

No training needed

No additional software needed

Unbeatable price/performance ratio

Download your cnc machine!

Download your cnc machine as presentation file and check out our g code simulation NC2Check now!


Nc code verification

Nc code simulation

Collision control

Material removal simulation

Tool change simulation

Reatraction movement simulation (between the jobs)

Head change simulation

Axis limits

Controler cycles simulation

Machine cycles simulation

User cycles simulation

Sub program simulation

Create presentation file as .exe

Tool path visualization

Comparison CAD model with finished part

Measuring and analysis tools

Turn and Millturn simulation

Multichannel verification

5 axis machining simulation

5 axis simultaneous machining simulation

W H Y    C A M W E R K ?

We are a company from the Aachen area specializing in cnc technologies, CAD CAM, g code based simulation and tool data management on PC basis with customers all over Germany and worldwide.


In the field of CAD / CAM and machine programming, CAMWERK GmbH works closely with the machine tool laboratory of the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule in Aachen (WZL) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT).


The company CAMWERK GmbH specializes in the areas of mold construction, mechanical engineering, vehicle construction, prototype construction and precision technology. In recent years, CAMWERK has dealt with aerospace technology, complex 5-axis and 6-axis machining, and has developed special solutions for this.


Our programmers create the appropriate postprocessor for any CNC control. Specialized technicians then carry out fine adjustments with extensive tests on site.

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